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KAT-TUN fanfiction~
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yukik3193 [userpic]

Title: Our beach date
Fandom: KAT-TUN
Author: yukik3193
Pairing: KoKame
Disclaimer: I don't own anybody. I wish I did though :p Koki-kun please wait for me when I'm in Japan xD
A/N: This is my first fanfic, and I'm not sure about my writing skill. But I hope you like it ^^

Chapter 1

Chapter 2     *new*

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☆Maya☆ [userpic]

Title : Prisoner of love
Author : Kawaiikame
Genre : fluff, romance, slightly angst
Pairing : Akame (main), Ryoda, and others.
Summary : Kazuya is in love with his step brother who hate gays .. Akanishi Jin.
Beta : meikimari  thank you girl

To the previous chapters
Chapter 10

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Miyuki_chan [userpic]

Title: Told You So
Pairing: Akame, Kamepi, Ryoda
Ratings: PG-13
Genre: Angst, romance?
Word count: 2740 words
Disclaimer: i don't own the boys. i fully own the plot.
Summary: Kame left Jin for Yamapi. Now Kame regrets it and wants to get back with Jin. Will Jin accept Kame back into his life again? (sorry, suck summary)
A/N: i got the idea for this fic thanks to the song of the same name as my title sung by Jesse McCartney. It's rumored he wrote this song for his ex-girlfriend. There are also many flashbacks to this. Sorry if you're confused. Still, hope you'll enjoy this. *cross fingers* Comment after reading.
Warning: Girl/Kame, Girl/Ueda, implied sex.

Told You So. )

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leigh1381 [userpic]

Title:  Cowboy 5/?

Author:  leigh1381

Pairing:  Akame

Rating:  PG

Genre:  Romance

Disclaimer:  If only I could own sparkly beautiful bois ^___^v

Summary:  He needs rest, lots of rest as his friends say but how can he do that when a sexy & haughty cowboy keeps bugging him

Note:  my laptop ... huhuhu … lol ^^0v

Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3 // Chapter 4 //

Chapter 5

“The hell Peepee” Jin curses and bluntly added “Why would I kiss your tummy when I don’t even like you”


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I got the idea of this fic reading Kame's journal translations [his lonely valentines day, complaining that his baseball place was "all male" xDD]

To the fic's details:

Title: Valentine's Night
Pairing?: Yes, AkaKame
Genre: some angst [read summary], some humour... xP I suck at putting things into categories
Rating: General
Disclaimer: Am I Johnny? Do I look like Johnny? thank gawd I don't look like him xDD
Summary: Kame is alone at home wallowing in self-pity at such a boring valentines day. Jin decides to hassle him. etc. etc. Jin's an idiot, Kame complies = Valentine turns out to be not-so-awful after all.

[Appreciates comments [tis my first attempt at fan-fiction]]

To the fic: Valentine's Night

resha_ueda [userpic]

Title: Two less lonely people in the world
Pairing: Ueda x Uchi (Implied RyoDa and RyoUchi)
Summary: Loneliness brings you close to people whom you never thought you’ll end up with
Authors Note: Who knew I would be writing this? But anyway yeah, can’t resist the urge to write them haahahahah so well enjoy reading!

Chapter 01
You bought a new house?

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☆Maya☆ [userpic]

Title: If not for you


Akame, Jin/OC

angst, romance, fluff

After an accident, Kazuya lost his memory.
He doesn't remember anyone except one person who unfortunately hates him as much as he does... Akanishi Jin...

Beta: [info]peace_l0v3  thank you winnnnna-chan ^.^V

 ( ~ Prolouge and Chapter one ~ )

~ Chapter one ~ )

~ Chapter 3 ~ )

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grammar losers lose grammar wise [userpic]

Hello, (one of) your friendly neighborhood mod(s) here. 

We decided it might be nice if you got to know a little bit about us, so I come bearing introductions!

First, we have the community's founder, 


-Uh, not really that much to say about myself, except that I'm..uh..me XD

-I'm here on lj, like, all the time, and I never take a break from anything.

-Uh; a Junior in high school going for a major in Forensic Science and a minor in Psychology.

-I write Akame...and I spam my journal too much..as some of you may know.

-I'm really friendly, but according to someone, I seem more mature than I am...

-Hmm...well...let's see...besides my obsession with Jin and Kame...I also like Matthew G~ The epic awesome actor who plays Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds...which, I somehow mention him like every entry yo~

-Well, as of right now, I'm getting about as much sleep as Kame does...which is possibly 3 hours, sometimes more.

-I write smut; plain and simple. Though, I write it during my Algebra 2 class, all the time.

-I can work on about 5 fics at a time...which is what I'm doing now XD Someone told me I need to take a break though~

That's about it yo~ I'll try my best as a mod here, but with the epic fail that is school atm, I dunno if I'll ever be able to finish a fic. So~ Yeah XD ]


Next, our second mod, resha_ueda 

hello here are some random facts about me :D

Name/Nickname: resha

Age: turning 20 this month ^_^

Likes: Anywhere that has a view of the see, ocean or lake and sunrise. Music and Arts

Dislikes: People who are pretentious, time pressure

Favorite genre or genres of music?: mellow, RnB, alternative rock, rock, jpop/jrock

What is your hobby or hobbies? Writing stuffs, thinking of future plans, eating :D, surfing the net

Favorite Pairing: RYODA, JINDA and me OT3(RyoDaKura)

Other things: I write fanfics too if you want to read them just go to my lj :D

uhmmm that's about it ^_^


And last (but probably least), me, inappropri8 

I’m horrible at introductions, and not rambling, so bear with me:
My name is Sam, but you can call me Samtron. Or, you know, Sam is good too. So is innaprpri8. Hell, you could call me Daisy and I don’t think I’d care. I’m almost 16, and as cheesy as it sounds to say ‘I’m mature for my age’, I pretty much am. Except when it comes to the fun things like sex and cursing, at which point I’m exactly like a teenage boy. I like music, rain, cold, the color gray, people’s voices, and mismatched socks. I don’t like the sun, diet soda, sad endings, het or silence. I pretty much only listen to Japanese music and I’m always on the lookout for a new band to listen to (even though I only fangirl over the JE groups.) my main hobby is, haha, fic! I also like non-fic writing and reading, music, and drawing. My favorite pairings are TaNaka, Ryoda, Junda, Pin, Nishikato and Subassan. But I read practically every pairing there is. My favorite member of KAT-TUN is Maru, and he’s one of my favorite Johnnys in general. Seriously, I’ll read and watch anything as long as he’s in it. My second favorite member is Koki, and Ueda is third. I’m totally internet obsessed and, as I’m a bit of a high school drop out with no life, I’m pretty much always online.

I kinda failed on the not rambling bit, huh?


But that's enough about us. 

Feel free to message me, or any of the other mods, with any questions you may have. 

So lets get to posting those fics!

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what is in a name [userpic]

Welcome everyone~

Not sure if this community will take off, but I can only hope.

Uh..well..any fic is welcome here; het...is also welcome, but make sure to tag it as 'het' so people who look for those fics will find them.

Also, if anyone is interested in being a mod for here, please do tell me...and if someone could make a nice layout/banner for this community and tell me how to use it, that would be appreciated.



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